Opening & Closing Dates of Chardham

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Opening Dates of Chardhams

If you're a pious Hindu, you'd undoubtedly long to go to Chardhams a minimum of once in your lifespan. This informative article on Chardham yatra gap dates would allow you to understand once to urge prepared for this holy Yatra. So read on. Every year the Chardham Yatra begins in the month of April-May and ends in Oct-Nov. The 4 holy places of Chardham i.e. Badrinath,Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Gangotri are situated at the Mountain of Uttarakhand. Throughout the winter months, these places get inaccessible because of heavy and dangerous downfall. So, the Chardhams is truly open for tourists for 6 months solely.


The gap and shutting of the holy shrines follow the antique ancient almanac. The extremely auspicious date is thought of for the gap and shutting off the holy portals of the shrines. Yamunotri and Gangotri Dham portals area unit thrown open on Akshay Tritiya thought of auspicious by Hindus. It's believed that any sensible or holy deed done on today remains ‘Akshay' (non-perishable). So, there's the general tendency amongst the devout Hindus to try and do charity, buy gold, visit temples and shrines and also the likes. Nothing is a lot of propitious than to go to the foremost revered shrines of today. The Kedarnath shrine opens for the pilgrims on the auspicious occasion of Chaturdashi or Shiv Ratri. Shiv Ratri is taken into account the most effective day to go to him. Badrinath, on the opposite hand, opens on Basant Panchami, another auspicious day.

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The closure of the portals is on totally different dates. Yamunotri Temple closes on Bhai Dooj. Bhai Dooj comes after two days of Dewali and Kedarnath Gate closes on today. Gangotri Temple shuts its door on Diwali whereas Badrinath shrine shuts down declared on (Dusshera) Vijaya Dashami. All the dates of closure and gap of the shrines are mange by the various Governing Mandir committees administered by the Purohits or monks. It's believed that once the Mandir closure, the gods, and goddesses, return all the way down to do the regular Puja of the deities.

chardham Opening Date

The Chardham Yatra is suggested to be proceeding from right-handed direction, i.e. from East to West. Therefore, the Yatra ought to begin from Yamunotri continuing towards Gangotri, then Kedarnath and ultimately end at Badrinath. Every one of the four shrines has its own distinctive history, legend, folklore and religious significance. The devout Hindus believe that each Hindu ought to visit Chardham a minimum of once in their lifespan. Not solely it washes away all the sins, the arduous journey reveals larger information of one's own self and also the universe. In history, the journey was therefore strenuous and choked with perils that it absolutely was marked for Vanaprastha ashram, the penultimate stage of one's life. The journey was thought of therefore holy that the journey was equaled to the hunt for ‘Nirvana' which means the ultimate liberation.

chardham Opening Date

Closing Dates of Chardhams

Closing dates for Uttarakhand Chardhams are in Oct Month month, the notable Chardhams of Uttarakhand open for the pilgrims and devotees all around the world. This year the Chardhams opened throughout April and following months; several tourists paid the visit to those sacred shrines. In 2017 the closing date of Chardham is declared, dates for the closure of these Chardhams that mention as follows:

  • Badrinath Dham: 19th Nov 2017
  • Kedarnath Dham: 21st Oct 2017
  • Yamunotri Dham: 21st Oct 2017
  • Gangotri Dham: 21st Oct 2017

Best Time to Visit Chardham

The best time to go to Chardham is from April month to June because the weather remains sunny and comfy. The snow melts away in little rivulets unveiling the plush inexperienced beneath. The mountains muffled in white clouds, whispering cedars, blooming flowers, crystal blue air, dance rivers along build an image good mountain scrape.

The journey continues- the journey from content to Enlightenment, from Death to Immortality.

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